Need development of optical fiber technology

11:07 | 07/05/2015
In recent years, as broadband internet investment goals in Vietnam with the number of users is constantly increasing. In 2009, the number of people using broadband intrenet estimated 3.4 million people and by 2013 predicted to rise by 16.8 million people. Besides internet users, landline has increased in the past decade. To meet the needs of the market, the need to have strategic technology development of fiber optic transmission speeds available today.
Contract signing ceremony technology transfer optic cable factory

Contract signing ceremony technology transfer optic cable factory

Will "death" copper

The system is currently the official telecommunications infrastructure was built mainly copper, but the enterprises operating in this field, such as VNPT, Viettel, FPT is provided "fiber to the home" for users. However, the current copper cabling system transmission rate slow clay pots.

Nguyen Dinh Thi, Chairman of the Board, JSC Vietnam Fiber Optic (VFO) forecast: "In 10 years, the entire cable system earlier will be replaced by a new generation fiber optic (2.0). Therefore, the demand for optical fiber will grow correspondingly. Our company aims at sustainable development and become a business provides optical fibers for telecommunications, electronic ... in Vietnam and other countries around the world. VFO will achieve this through the application of the latest production and the support of experts in the country and abroad, especially the Israeli experts in process plant construction and technology transfer ".

To keep pace with the development of the world system, Vietnam also followed this trend by changing completely copper cabling. VNPT currently dominates 77% market landline phone and 64% of broadband systems. Two telecommunications companies Electricity (EVN Telecom) and Viettel Mobile (Viettel) are now investing build fiber optic telecommunications infrastructure provides Vietnam market.

These firms are building fiber optic systems replace traditional fiber optic systems. Between 2008, EVN has invested 40.000km fiber optic systems. Viettel in recent years have built this system with 160.000km for 63 provinces in the country. These businesses will continue to invest in fiber optic systems for the first guess in the future, especially in the next two decades.

Some recent reports indicate, the demand for optical fiber has been increased while copper is the opposite. In 2006, total demand for optical fiber is only 1.5 million km and 5.6 million km of copper cable, by 2011 the demand for copper is only 0.3 million kilometers and 5.9 million kilometers of fiber optic cable 4 times compared with 2006.

The forecast for 2012 demand for fiber optic cable up to 6.7 million kilometers while copper is forecast to continue to decline.

High-tech fiber optic throne

Expected in 2013, the factory produced the most modern fiber Southeast Asia, at Bau Bang Industrial Park, Ben Cat district, Binh Duong province will come into operation and provides market 1.000.000km fiber / year .

This plant has a total investment of USD 176 million, the project includes a modern factory and an optical fiber plant ultrapure gases, will be built on an area of 4 ha. The project is invested by the Company with the VFO technology transfer package from the company UPC (Israel).

Agreement signing ceremony performed principles Financial Protocol between the Government of Vietnam and the State of Israel.

Nguyen Dinh Thi, Chairman VFO said: This is the first factory in Southeast Asia applied production technology of high-tech optical fiber, a new-generation, fiber 2.0. In phase 1 plants provide fiber market 1.000.000km / year and phase 2 provides fiber 2,000,000 km / year. Currently the demand for optical fiber telecommunication lines for very large.

Therefore, the construction of this plant with a capacity of 2 million km of fiber optic / year to meet domestic demand and for export. The plant will produce optical fiber by means of chemical vapor deposition advanced (MCVD) and outside vapor deposition (OVD), to create the fiber size was about 125 micrometers. Then the fiber is applied to the fiber optic technology with the main products include: long-distance telecommunication cables placed underwater cables and special cables FTTH service essential for the field of security and defense, VFO meet domestic demand and exports.

With the technology of the UPC, the new generation fiber produced in the plant for production of the fiber optic will be the standard VFO: higher productivity (95% versus 70% for the older generation of fiber optic), lowest water absorption peak, the lowest signal attenuation, amplifier reduced by 30% for underground cable applications, best PMD, core / wrap perfectly concentric, minimize signal distortion, speed deposition very high, the highest spinning speed and lowest consumption Heli. Optical fiber technology is advanced method of data communication over a long distance (cross continents, oceans) and short range (local).

The introduction of optical cables (fiber optic) has met these requirements sound transmission, voice, high-speed image is done worldwide, easily and quickly. Currently 80% of the export volume of the factory was the foreign partner offtake contract.

The demand for optical fiber will increase

Nguyen Dinh Thi, Chairman VFO stressed: "The industry around the world is witnessing rapid growth in optical fiber and optical cable in recent years have made ​​the world changed in the Development strategy of high technology and precision engineering. Currently, the government in the country's main buyers, with 64%, the rest is private telecom operators. Demand for high-capacity bandwidth worldwide substantial increase led to a change of infrastructure, international communications as well as Asia.

In the future demand for water and fiber in the world will increase. In particular, the new technology requires the combination of different services in the world, thus increasing the need for the development of system bandwidth from the telecom operators worldwide. Currently, fiber optic cable is the optimal solution for this issue, expected demand for optical fiber will grow by 10-20% in the next 10 years. "


As reported by KMI, the growth in demand for optical fibers is due to FTTx (fiber to the home, to the office ...) and this is a high demand in the market of developing countries. Currently, FTTx is used at the highest level in North America and Asia-Pacific compared with other products, respectively, with 60 and 40 total optic cable is used.

Also in the current domestic market, the demand for optical fiber in recent years greatly increased. The percentage increase was 30-41% in 2007-2009. According to experts the average growth rate reached 20% in the next 3 years. This fact shows that the manufacturing enterprise fiber optic cable will have the opportunity to profit in this area.

Mr. Nguyen Dinh Thi has recommended to the high tech industry of Vietnam that, in recent times the Government has identified many of the importance of the broadband connection and see it as part of a competitive strategy Global. This creates more business opportunities for telecommunications investment in high-speed internet through a program supported by the Government and the other members. Vietnam's telecommunications environment is no exception.

Currently, the Government of Vietnam to continue to invest in developing the telecommunications infrastructure and information technology to achieve the target for the use of telecommunications equipment and high speed broadband. Trends and telecommunications infrastructure is replaced and built to expand the system to achieve the goal of modernization of high-speed technology.

To synchronize the system infrastructure and fast data transmission with the development of the country, should be replaced with copper cable fiber optics, this system should be developed covering all provinces.

Thai Doan
Source: SGGP
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