Learn Technology AON and PON Optical cable Internet

14:40 | 08/05/2015
Electricity in the use of fiber-optic Internet was widespread in Vietnam, the article presents a few characteristics of the two main technologies on the AON and PON optical fiber.
Learn Technology AON and PON Optical cable Internet

Learn Technology AON and PON Optical cable Internet

GPON fiber optic technology

AON (Active Optical Network - fiber network initiative) is the network architecture point - the point (point to point); normally each subscriber has a separate fiber optic cable running from central device (Access Node) to subscribers (FTTH - Fiber to the Home) Figure 1. The continuous development of online services such as games, HDTV ... led bandwidth demand of users is increasing, speed over traditional copper cables in the future will certainly not be met. Therefore, in the future, not just now need the speed of fiber optic cable that both home users will need, especially when the price becomes cheaper.

AON optical fiber technology

AON has many advantages such as zipper reach far (up to 70 km without repeaters (repeaters)), high security (due to the intervention wiretapping (eavesdropping) on ​​the transmission line is almost impossible), easy easy bandwidth upgrade subscribers when necessary, easily identified errors ... However, AON technology also has the disadvantage of higher costs due to: the operation of the equipment on the transmission line are needed supplies, each subscriber is a separate optical fiber, cable need more space containing ...

In addition to the above model, in fact, depending on the needs of bandwidth subscribers, vendors also incorporate fiber optic cable with copper to reduce costs, in particular as optical cables run from the Access Node to the DSLAM and from DSLAM providing broadband access services like ADSL2 + popular, VDSL2 ... (Figure 2)

PON (Passive Optical Network) is a network architecture point - multipoint (point to multipoint). To reduce the cost per subscriber, the transmission line will go from the central device OLT (Optical Line Termination) through a device Splitter (Splitter) and drag from new devices to multiple users (can be divided from 32-64 subscribers). Splitter not need supplies, can put anywhere, so if implemented for many subscribers, the cost decreased significantly compared with AON. Do not need the source Splitter system should also save power and space than the cable contains less than AON.

FTTH optical cables

However PON has many weaknesses as difficult to upgrade when the subscriber bandwidth requirements (by architectural destination points will affect the other subscriber in the case have run out of bandwidth), more difficult to define fault by one common optical fiber for many users, privacy is not high by AON (which can be tapped if unencrypted data) .... (Figure 3)
Depending on the needs of bandwidth subscribers, PON can also use combined with copper cable to ADSL2 + network deployments, VDSL2 ... like Figure 4.

The table compares the two fiber optic technology

Technology AON PON
Bandwidth per subscriber 100Mbps - 1Gbps 2,5Gbps / 1,25Gbps
Temporary increase bandwidth to subscribers
(Need backup servers, for example)
Simple Complex, with GPON is simple
The number of subscribers affected by errors little But GPON is much less
Time determines error Fast Slower, Technology GPON quickly determine fault due to modern equipment.
Possibility of eavesdropping Very low Cao, GPON overcome this drawback
The reliability of cable lines to subscribers High customer by custom models can be connected in dual-homing (2 different lines), circle (ring) or 2 connection Low, no option 2 connection on a PON GPON highest reliability
Deployment costs Cao by each subscriber is a private optical fiber Optical fiber from the OLT low as to be shared among multiple subscribers through passive splitter (passive splitter)
Operating Expenses Devices such as high-Node Access to power and size is also large, space requirements. Space for cables also need much. Low due to the small size and passive OLT splitter without power. Serves approximately 8,000 subscribers just one rack space
Upgrade costs Low, because the feature point to point so simple bandwidth upgrades, such just replace terminals (CPE) Cao as a whole in a wire subscriber PON (from OLT via splitter to the user) to be upgraded.
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