Portrait iPhone 6s was shining through the rumors and predictions

14:45 | 08/05/2015
Following the success of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, a new generation of iPhone named iPhone 6s (or iPhone 7) will have to upgrade and configure the operating system to help Apple continue to hold the top spot in the village di moving
In recent years, Apple has a new iPhone launch traditional mid-January 9. Most recently, the duo iPhone 6 and 6 Plus also first on the shelf on 09/19/2014. If "Apples with" keeping the launch schedule, we'll just have to wait less than 6 months to be witnessing the birth of new generations of iPhone. Apple also frequently make major changes to the iPhone every year, so we can expect the iPhone 6s (or iPhone 7) will have a "makeover" certain than the current iPhone 6.

Rumors below will help us take the initial visualization of the new generation iPhone launched on June 9. Of course, when Apple is famous for keeping secret product, everything is still only is the speculation, and we can not know for sure what.

On introduction, on shelves


As mentioned above, iPhone 6s are expected debut on May 9/2015. However, we are more likely to be aware of the new features of the operating system running on it next month. That is the moment Apple announced iOS 9 at World Wide Developers Conference takes place from 8/6 to 12/6 in San Francisco (USA)

To design

2014, Apple launched the iPhone 6 with larger screen size significantly compared to previous-generation iPhone. Apple also unveiled the first phablet in its history, with the iPhone 6 Plus screen up to 5.5 inches.

Because there have been enormous changes in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Apple is rumored to only concentrate on upgrading the hardware configuration inside the new iPhone generation; 6s and iPhone will not be a significant improvement compared to the current design. Also, among the well-informed rumor also appeared "with Apples" will launch next iPhone on September 3 include: iPhone 6S, 6S Plus iPhone, and an iPhone 4-inch model called iPhone 6C.

Operating system


Some rumors said that iOS Apple iOS Version 9 is focused to improve performance and stability, rather than launching new features. It is reasonable, as the iOS 8 and its upgrades now also have quite extensive features, from health monitoring, support Apple Watch, to support Apple Pay payment system ...


iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is equipped A8 chip, the chip's 64-bit 2 for performance excellence. Although rivals like HTC Android iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S6 One M9 equally lofty scores (versus the iPhone) as measured by the benchmark tool, but actually used to see chip processing performance between the three Machine is equal.

A recent Bloomberg sources said Samsung's partners are Apple chooses to produce chip for new generation iPhone, the name is likely to be A9 chip.



Although battery life is not the weakness of the iPhone 6, but generally it was only average (the iphon e 6 Plus with larger sizes, of course, for better battery life iPhone 6). According to some rumors, Apple will equip the new iPhone BC to serve the US cable charging, however, there are also rumors that Apple will support wireless charging - a feature already available on Apple Watch and has Samsung used for both Ga LAXY S6, S6 E dge.


Had time been rumored iPhone will use sapphire screen for resistance to promote and protect better than current glass Gorilla Glass. However, it seems the project has failed sapphire screen and Apple will continue faithful to the new generation of Gorilla Glass glasses called Project Ph ire . This glass can be advertised as scratch resistant sapphire varieties. Project Phire will be produced at the end of the year, consistent with the new iPhone launch schedule.

Apple also could be "borrowed" OLED screen technology Apple Watch for use in the next generation iPhone. OLED promises to give better contrast, true color than LCD technology used in the iPhone's Retina display currently. Another technology of Apple Watch can also be applied to the Force Touch iPhone. It is technology that "feels force" capable of identifying the force pressing on the screen is strong or light, through which would perform various functions that incorporates Apple.



Between April last, Apple spent $ 20 million acquisition of the camera company called LINX. The company specializes in producing multi-aperture camera for mobile devices, allowing users to take pictures deleted fonts, 3D, pre-focus shooting after .... More likely, this camera's technology Linx Apple will be integrated in the new generation iPhone, elevate quality camera than the current iPhone.

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