Optical Fiber Joint Stock Company Vietnam (Viet Fiber Optic Corporation - VFO ) was founded in August 2008. The company is specialized VFO fiber production and to invest in high-tech projects , is headquartered in City Ho Chi Minh City and a representative office in Israel .

Currently, construction VFO ongoing fiber production plant at Bau Bang Industrial Park, Ben Cat District, Binh Duong Province. This is the 2.0-fiber factory in Vietnam's first international stature by UPC - a leading company of Israel optic technology transfer. With a complete line and the most modern, is expected to produce 1 million km of fiber optic / year to meet domestic demand for optical fiber and export. The strength of the company's optical fiber manufacturing technology generation 2 (strand 2.0) brings many advantages compared with current fibers such as high productivity, cost savings. It is also a breakthrough in technology that VFO bring world market optical fiber.
Besides technological strengths, VFO has a team of experienced founders are active in the areas of industry, the support of experts in the country and abroad, especially the experts in question Israel Recommended supply, technology transfer.
In the future, VFO aims to become the leading provider of fiber optic telecommunications businesses, in Vietnam and in the world. VFO desire to make the dream of everyone a reality.